Panasonic EVA1 (Varicam Mini) (5.7k) Super 35mm Camera (Netflix approved).

Sony NEX-FS100 S35 digital camera (2k)

Redrock Micro Studio bundle

Olympus Zuiko SLR 35mm zoom and prime lenses.

SLR Magic Anamorphic 1:33x50 Adapter

SLR Magic Dioptre set.
Vocus Sony E Mount to PL Mount adapter (can provide PL Mount Cine Lenses via VMI account)
SmallHD DP4 On Camera Monitor
Atomos Connect HDMI - HD-SDI converter
Atomos Ninja 2 Proress/DNX-HD recorder with SSDs.
Sony HVR V1UE HDV Camcorder
Sony DSR PD170 DVCAM Camcorder
Redrock Hand Held Rig
Zacuto Axis EVF Mount
Cineroid EVF with Retina display

Tilta Nucleus-M wireless lens control system with Alexa Mini, Red DSMC2, Sony FS5/7 and Panasonic EVA1 Run/Stop cables

7 inch Metica HD-SDI/HDMI Client Monitor

Hollyland Mars 400s wireless video system

Filters:: 4x5.65:  ND 0.3, 0.6,0.9

Minolta Spot Meter


Sony NP-F Batteries and chargers

IDX V-Lock Batteries and Charger

1 x dummy NP-F to D-tap

2 x dummy NP-F/AC adapter to UK 13 amp

Steadicam Aero 30

Easyrig Vario 5 Strong



Manfrotto tripod
Manfrotto heavy duty tripod
Space Instruments "Worrall" 2 Speed Gear Head with Tilt Plate
Manfrotto 509 head
Manfrotto 501 head
Kesslar 100mm High Hat

Spider brace
Cinemover slider dolly


Lighting and Lighting Grip

Falconeyes 18TD Flexible LED mat with softbox and eggcrate

3 x Intellytech LED Pocket Cannon Mini (150w tungstan equivalent) plus accessories

F & V LED Ring Light

Litepanels LED Top Light

4 x 100w dimmable LED globes

4 x 13 amp dimmers

2 x bayonet lamp holder to 13 amp plug (1.00m cable)

1 x 4 way 13 amp drum extension

2 x 2 way 13 amp drum extention

1 x 2 way 3 meter 13 amp extension cable

1 x 4 way 1 meter 13 amp extension cable

Goal Post kit

1 x C-Stand (black) with detachable Turtle base

1 x small C-Stand (chrome) with detachabe Turtle base

1 x short grip arm

1 x long grip arm

1 x poly holder

1x heavy duty light stand

3 x light weight light stand

1 x Black backdrop (mainly used for negative fill)

1 x large sheet unbleached muslin

1 x large sheet white silk

1 x Rosco gel pack

1 x part used roll CTO gel

1 x part used roll diffusion 216

1 x roll Black Wrap

15 x Croc clips

6 x heavy duty Muslin Spring Clips

6 x sand bags

Fully equipped 'Unit Box' including Clapper/boards, Negative Report sheets, Grey Scales, 1000' 35mm changing bag, camera tape of many colours etc.

Macbook Pro with Final Cut, XDCAM Browser, REDCINE-X and Shotput Pro, Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, Hitfilm 3 Express, Lightworks.