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Panasonic EVA1 (Varicam Mini) (5.7k) Super 35mm Camera (Netflix approved).

As used on Crazy Rich Asians, Orange is the New Black, Frontier, Ozark season 2, Ford v Ferrari and many other productions)

Sony NEX-FS100 S35 digital camera (2k)

Redrock Micro Studio bundle

Olympus Zuiko SLR 35mm zoom and prime lenses.

SLR Magic Anamorphic 1:33x50 Adapter

SLR Magic Dioptre set.
Vocus Sony E Mount to PL Mount adapter (can provide PL Mount Cine Lenses via VMI account)
SmallHD DP4 On Camera Monitor
Atomos Connect HDMI - HD-SDI converter
Atomos Ninja 2 Proress/DNX-HD recorder with SSDs.
Sony HVR V1UE HDV Camcorder
Sony DSR PD170 DVCAM Camcorder
Redrock Hand Held Rig
Zacuto Axis EVF Mount
Cineroid EVF with Retina display

Tilta Nucleus-M wireless lens control system with Alexa Mini, Red DSMC2, Sony FS5/7 and Panasonic EVA1 Run/Stop cables

7 inch Metica HD-SDI/HDMI Client Monitor

Hollyland Mars 400s wireless video system

Filters:: 4x5.65:  ND 0.3, 0.6,0.9

Minolta Spot Meter


Sony NP-F Batteries and chargers

IDX V-Lock Batteries and Charger

1 x dummy NP-F to D-tap

2 x dummy NP-F/AC adapter to UK 13 amp

Steadicam Aero 30

Easyrig Vario 5 Strong



Manfrotto tripod
Manfrotto heavy duty tripod
Space Instruments "Worrall" 2 Speed Gear Head with Tilt Plate
Manfrotto 509 head
Manfrotto 501 head
Kesslar 100mm High Hat

Spider brace
Cinemover slider dolly


Lighting and Lighting Grip

2 x Falconeyes 18TD Flexible LED mat with softbox and eggcrate and pancake

3 x Intellytech LED Pocket Cannon Mini (150w tungstan equivalent) plus accessories

F & V LED Ring Light

Litepanels LED Top Light

4 x 100w dimmable LED globes

4 x 13 amp dimmers

2 x bayonet lamp holder to 13 amp plug (1.00m cable)

1 x 4 way 13 amp drum extension

2 x 2 way 13 amp drum extention

1 x 2 way 3 meter 13 amp extension cable

1 x 4 way 1 meter 13 amp extension cable

Goal Post kit

1 x C-Stand (black) with detachable Turtle base

1 x small C-Stand (chrome) with detachabe Turtle base

1 x short grip arm

1 x long grip arm

1 x Westcote Fast Flag kit (flag, nets and silk)

1 x poly holder

2 x heavy duty light stand

4 x light weight light stand

2 x Superclamps

3 x Black backdrop (mainly used for negative fill)

1 x large sheet unbleached muslin

2 x large sheet bleeched muslin

1 x large sheet white silk

1 x large sheet magic cloth

1 x small circular five way reflector

1 x large five way reflector

1 x Rosco gel pack

1 x part used roll CTO gel

1 x part used roll diffusion 216

1 x roll Black Wrap

15 x Croc clips

6 x heavy duty Muslin Spring Clips

6 x sand bags

Fully equipped 'Unit Box' including Clapper/boards, Negative Report sheets, Grey Scales, 1000' 35mm changing bag, camera tape of many colours etc.

Macbook Pro with Final Cut, XDCAM Browser, REDCINE-X and Shotput Pro, Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, Hitfilm 3 Express, Lightworks.

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