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"Fantastic" cinematography - Adrian Perez, Film Critic and director of The Lonely Wolf Film Festival, when talking about my cinematography in the award winning, "Final Stare."

"Hire this guy, he's brilliant!" - Terri Potoczna, director of the Feature Film, "Bad Influencer" (formally titled, "My best friend is a Model.").

"Another fab job as always" - Cinematographer Franz Pagot AIC on my work on the Feature Film, "The Coven," starring Dexter Fletcher.

Apart from Feature Film credits as a Camera Operator (including Steadicam and remote head) I have four Feature Film credits as a 2nd Unit DOP as well as credits as a DOP on Commercials and Music Videos.

Well known within the Camera Department and by many people in the BSC and ACO.

Background in 35mm film stills (both black and white and colour transparency including Kodachrome)

Experience with 65mm, 35mm and 16mm cine film.

Cinematographer, Camera and Steadicam Operator

Friend Member of the Association of Camera Operators (ACO).

Experienced 2nd Unit DOP

Experienced in Virtual Production (Blue/Green Screen, LED Walls, LED Volumes, Motion Tracking useing Mo-Sys StarTracker system, VR, AR).

Experienced with telescopic cranes, dolly/black arm mounted remote heads. Experience of Tracking Vehicle mounted Remote Heads including U-Crane (formally Russian Arm).

Experienced with "High end" digital Cameras such as Panavision Millenium DXL, Sony F65/F55/Venice, Red Epic/Dragon/Weapon/Helium/Monstro/Ranger and Arri Alexa/Alexa 65/LF/Alexa Mini/Mini LF/Amira. Panasonic Varicam 35mm/Pure/LT/EVA1, Blackmagic Ursa Mini/Mini Pro


Experienced with 65mm Logmar Magellan Film Camera.

Experienced with 35mm film Cameras: Panavision Panaflex XL/XL2, Moviecam Studio/Compact, Arri IIc/III, Arri BL4, Arri 435/535/235, Arricam Studio/ LT, Mitchell

Experienced with 16mm film Cameras: Eclair NPR, Aaton XTR Prod, Arri SRII/3, Arri 416

Panasonic EVA1 (5.7K) Owner/Operator (As used on Crazy Rich Asians, Orange is the New Black, Ozark season 2, Ford v Ferarri, Frontier, Fast and Furious franchise and many other productions).

Steadicam Aero 30 Owner/ Operator

Space Instruments "Worrall" Geared Head Operator/Owner

Available for Main Unit, Second Unit or Dailies.

Directors worked with (as DOP and Operator) include: John Joseph Aloro, Aimee Billingsley, Shona Charlton, Kasia Damulewicz, Mark Denham, Jon Drever, Tadhg Duinnin, Dean Fisher, Danny Fox, Nick Fuller, Paul Harrison, Paul Howard, Andy Hui, John Mackie, Mark Morris, Noor Wazzi, Faye Syed, Paul Faherty, Tsubasa Murano, Anthony Tattersall, Marianna Dean, Jason Gurr, Rui Pedro Sousa, Ellen Williams.


DOPs worked with (as AC and Operator) include: James Layton ACO, Assoc BSC, Don Lord, Mattias Nyberg BSC, Franz Pagot AIC, Ben Philpott, Vittorio Sala, Suzanne Gough, Alan Trow BSC, Paul Wheeler BSC, Mari Yamamura and the late Paul Beeson BSC.

As a DOP I have good connections with Panalux, Camera Revolution and an account at VMI.

As an Operator I have experience of using both fluid and geared Heads (including O'Conner, Ronford and Arri and own a Space Instruments "Worrall"  Geared Headi).  I have worked off of dollies, jibs etc and have experience of remote heads (including 3 axis), both on jibs and cranes (including vehicle mounted), and Motion Control (soft wheel rigs).  I have also worked off the back of tracking vehicles and am Steadicam trained.

I can provide a full Camera Crew who are trained to use both film (both 16mm and 35mm) and 2k/4k/8k digital (Panavision/Red/Arri/Sony/Canon/Panasonic/Blackmagic).

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